Saosin Live in Hong Kong




23 Mar 2023 (Thurs)
Open 19:00 | Start 20:00
Music Zone@E-Max

票價Ticket Price

Early Bird $430 | Advance $480
人民幣¥390 | ¥430


ー門票開售日期Ticket Open-
網上 Online
Early Bird 28/12/2022 18:00
Advance 31/12/2022 00:00
協辦 Co-organizer:NEON LIT

「小心呀」大概係香港人之間唏噓中帶著不敢多管嘅最常用說法,包括外出工作及遠行,一見鍾情嘅沉船故事,資本主義信仰下每日催化出嘅商業行為往往都會俾小心兩個字牽動腦神經嘅律動,但無論有幾小心始終有機會發生有早知,無乞兒嘅結果。而來至美國嘅樂隊Saosin由樂隊名稱直到歌曲都提醒著大家要小心去愛任何事,而係2000年代初開展嘅情緒搖滾年代中,Saosin嘅地位更加係辣椒油般重要嘅存在,無論你食勻各種美點,佢始終會令你感受黯然落淚卻難以忘懷果一刻,而果一刻終於可以由Anthony Green親自為大家奉上,首先我好興奮,作為一個曾經會用亂諗嘢度過傷心時刻嘅我好榮幸為香港嘅全部emo kids代為呈獻上Saosin Live In Hong Kong,3月23號,場Show係屬於在坐各位,我哋歌聲及淚光中相見。



注意事項 Notice
  1. 每次最多可購買4張門票。
    A maximum of 4 tickets per transaction.
  2. 必需先申請帳戶,方可購票。
    Only registered users of this site can purchase tickets.
  3. 購票成功後,電子門票連結會顯示在頁面下方。電子門票會在48小時內以電郵發出,請確認電郵填寫正確無誤。若沒有收到,請聯絡business@neon-lit.comNeon Lit FacebookNeon Lit Instagram 查詢。又或申請本站會員,以查閱已購入的電子門票。
    After successful ticket purchase, the e-ticket link will be displayed at the bottom of the page. E-tickets will be sent by email within 48 hours, please make sure the email is filled in correctly. If not received, please contact, Neon Lit Facebook or Neon Lit Instagram for enquiries. Or apply for membership of this site to check the purchased e-tickets.
  4. 已售出門票恕不接受任何退票、退款。
    Tickets sold are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.
  5. 若以FPS/銀行轉帳/PayMe/支付宝付款,多付的金額不會獲發還,付款前請確認金額。
    If payment is processed by FPS/bank transfer/PayMe/Alipay, the overpaid amount will not be refunded for any reason, please confirm the amount before payment.
  6. 一人一票、憑票入場,請妥善保存電子門票。
    One person per ticket. Please keep the e-ticket properly.
  7. 電子門票為無記名門票,請勿將票券QR Code任意公開或提供給他人,以防遭人冒領入場。
    Please do not disclose or provide the QR code of the ticket to others, in order to prevent others from being falsely admitted to the venue.
  8. 請遵守場地規定,如有違反,場地職員有權請其離場,有關門票費用、購票手續費恕不退還。
    Please abide by the regulations of the venue. If there is any violation, the venue staff has the right to ask to leave the venue. The  ticket fees will not be refunded.
  9. 活動相關訊息改動,Neon Lit保留隨時變更或終止此活動之權利。
    Neon Lit reserves the right to change or terminate this event at any time due to changes in event-related information.
  10. 請妥善保管財物,如有損失,Neon Lit概不負責。
    Please take good care of your belongings. Neon Lit is not responsible for any loss.
  11. 購票前請詳閱注意事項,一旦購票成功視為同意上述所有活動注意事項。
    Please read the notice carefully before purchasing tickets. Once the ticket is successfully purchased, it is deemed that you agree to all the above-mentioned notice.
  12. 如對活動有任何疑問,歡迎聯絡business@neon-lit.comNeon Lit FacebookNeon Lit Instagram 查詢。
    If you have any questions about the event, please contact, Neon Lit Facebook or Neon Lit Instagram.