HYBS 獨家訪問

Q1. 對你們來說,HYBS是一隊怎樣的樂隊呢?
Describe what kind of band HYBS is?

We think it’s not all about the genre. We wanted to bring out the vibes. In the beginning, we just wanted to make music as some kind of white noise or a mood setter for people to listen to during whatever they are doing. Things like hanging out with friends, having a barbecue, you can just put it on and have a good time. 

Q2. 這是你們第一次來香港演出,你們對香港的印象如何呢?
It is your first live(performance) in Hong Kong. What do you feel about Hong Kong?

Excited. Nice city. We already loved it, such a beautiful place.

Q3. 這次的演出想帶來給香港觀眾呢?
What kinds of performances do you want to show the audience of Hong Kong?

We want to give them a good time, vibe with us. And we just gonna have as much fun as we can on stage.

Q4. 你們的音樂有受到哪位音樂人的影響嗎?他們又怎樣啟發了你們呢?
Are you guys inspired by any musicians? How do they influence you and your music?

啟發我們的音樂人數之不盡,但是我們都覺得主要是The Beatles 。我(Alyn)從小就開始聽The Beatles.還有就是PREP,非常喜歡他們的音樂。
Ohh. There’s a lot. But I think the Beatles play a big part. I (Alyn) grow up with the Beatles. And also the PREP band. We absolutely loved them.

Q5. 你們最喜歡新專輯《Making Steak》的哪一首歌呢?
What is your favourite song in your album?

這是一道難題(笑)。每當有人問到這個問題時,我們都會改變想法。但就現在而言,就是《Run Away》,僅因為這是一首很嬉鬧的歌曲。我們所有人在生活中的某個片刻都會想任性地把問題通通拋下。十分有共鳴,並且可以營造氣氛。
That’s a really tough question to answer. (Laughs) Every time everyone asks us, we keep on changing our mind. But right now, I would say《Run Away》, just because it is such a fun song, the vibes. I mean, we all at some point in our lives just wanted to run away from our problems. So relatable and a mood setter for us.

Q6. 可以用《Making Steak》的一首歌形容香港嗎?
Could you use a song of yours to describe Hong Kong?

我想的是《Dancing With My Phone》,因為香港是個很漂亮的城市,我會很想像歌詞般,在香港的街道散步,欣賞沿途美景。
I would say《Dancing With My Phone》, since Hong Kong is such a beautiful city. I would really enjoy to just take a walk and enjoy the view.

Exclusive voice recording!
HYBS speaks Cantonese to the Hong Kong audience!