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7 Nov 2023 (TUE)
Open 19:00 | Start 20:00
Music Zone@E-MAX

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🌛奏出爵士新靈魂 洛杉磯西岸傳奇樂團 #Moonchild 闊別五年再臨香港

睡前微醺時分聽什麼最好?100%會答你:Moonchild 。

他們於2011年在美國洛杉磯組成,三人在星空下緊密交流,感覺到彼此間無窮能量與火花,決定取名為Moonchild﹙月亮的孩子﹚。音樂風格以Jazz為基,混合了Neo-Soul、R&B,旋律除了使用豐富的銅管樂器堆砌,更錄進大量大自然聲響,像海浪、海鷗聲等,使其完美融合,層層遞進,that’s why他們的音樂極具立體感,聽畢像打通任督二脈一般通身舒暢。

精密編排連Jill Scott、 DJ Jazzy Jeff、Stevie Wonder等都公開力挺,Jazzy Jeff更笑稱他是Moonchild非官方第四位成員!

無改錯名,Moonchild的音樂如月光輕輕柔柔灑落,身體不禁跟著音樂律動左右輕擺,這種飄渺滲透腦海,滲透血液,你會忘記今天遇上過的shitty things,或是纏繞在腦海三催四請不離開的焦慮。只留下平靜,作為一天結尾最好不過。

Playing out the new soul of jazz, legendary Los Angeles West Coast band #Moonchild returns to Hong Kong after a five-year absence.

What’s the best thing to listen to when you’re slightly tipsy before bed? 100% the answer would be Moonchild.

Formed in Los Angeles, USA in 2011, the trio of Moonchild came together under the starry sky, feeling an infinite energy and spark between them. They decided to name themselves Moonchild, representing the children of the moon. Their music is based on jazz but also incorporates elements of Neo-Soul and R&B. The melodies are built with rich brass instruments and include a plethora of natural sounds such as waves and seagulls, creating a perfect fusion. This layered progression gives their music a three-dimensional feel, as if it clears your body and brings relaxation.

With precise arrangements, Moonchild has received public support from artists like Jill Scott, DJ Jazzy Jeff and Stevie Wonder. Jazzy Jeff even jokingly referred to himself as the unofficial fourth member of Moonchild!

True to their name, Moonchild’s music gently falls like moonlight, causing your body to sway with the rhythm. This ethereal sensation permeates your mind and bloodstream, making you forget about the shitty things you encountered today or the anxieties that have been lingering in your mind. It leaves you with a sense of calm, making it the perfect way to end the day.


🎧<The List>
🎧<Ocean Deep>
🎧<Be Free>

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